I grew up in the suburbs of Denver, where you didn’t say “hello” to strangers passing by, and helping hands were few and far between. Important people didn’t have much time for those that they deemed less important, and life-changing opportunities weren’t easy to come by.

When I moved to Iowa in 2013, I quickly realized that things were very different here. Everyone is friendly and willing to help others, and the opportunities are endless. Important people, like the governor and state senators, make time to get to know regular people like me, and those connections open up so many doors that might not have been available in more densely populated states.

Governor Reynolds story of working hard to get to where she is today and the boundless opportunities in Iowa really rings true for me. I truly feel like anything is possible in this state. I’m chasing dreams that I never would have thought possible before moving here, and I have Iowa’s friendly, supportive culture to thank.